Home Interiors On Painting

download (7)For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. In fact, for over 60% of Americans, their home represents at least half of their net worth. It’s no surprise that with so much financial investment and personal attachment, many are motivated to put in serious sweat equity with weekend home improvement projects.

Choose Your Paint Wisely

One of the simplest home improvement projects that will make a big change to your living space is a fresh coat of paint. If the room is large enough, you can paint all the walls in a color of your choosing, but be aware that anything other than white will make the space feel small. Putting color on a single wall gives a room a nice personal touch without compromising the perceived size. A clean white (or eggshell, cream, linen, etc.) will always be in style, and it will provide you with a backdrop for paintings and other decorations.


Start by prepping the space. Lay down a canvas or plastic drop cloth to protect your floor. If there are any visible holes or cracks, get spackling paste to fill them in with a putty knife. You want it even and close to flush with the wall, but don’t obsess over this since you’ll sand down any imperfections. Use a sanding pole and a medium-grit (120) sandpaper. Your goal isn’t to sand it down until it’s silky-smooth but to clear off dirt and rough it up so that the paint has something to cling to. Most people’s interior walls are drywall, which creates a lot of dust. You can buy a dust mask for a few bucks (at most) at any home improvement store, or, in a pinch, wrap a bandana over your face. Once the surface is sanded, you’re ready to paint.

The Painting Process

It’s highly recommended that you buy a pack of paint booties, put them over your shoes when you’re standing on the drop cloth, and take them off every time you leave the area. Tracking paint through the house can turn a weekend home improvement job into a multi-week cleanup.

It’s usually a good idea to add a primer, although it may not always be necessary. If you’re painting over white paint with more white, or a color, you might skip that step. If you’re trying to cover up a dark color with white, you should definitely apply a coat of primer. If you’re planning on painting the trim as well, don’t worry about spilling over, as you’ll soon cover over it. If you’re painting just one surface, use blue painter’s tape to outline the boundary of your job. With the final color, start by “cutting in” with an angled brush, between 2″-3″ wide, on the edges of the surface. Once the edges are painted in, fill a rolling tray with just enough paint to fill the reservoir at the base; don’t overfill the tray. Roll it on thickly but keep an eye out for drips. If you apply too much paint, it will run down and ruin the clean finish. Let it dry, remove the tape and, if needed, take a touch-up brush and carefully correct any imperfections.


How To Paint Your House For The Right

download (8)Are you looking to give your house a fresh lease of life? Painting is one of the cheap and quick ways to give your house a makeover. However, many people find painting the house to be an absolutely tedious process that consumes a great deal of time and energy. By making a proper plan and understanding the various aspects with regard to painting, it is possible for you to get the best outcome.

Go for a comprehensive painting plan

When it comes to painting your house, each and every area needs to taken into account. A proper plan should be designed well before jumping onto the painting task. It is important that you determine what colors do you wish to see in your house, what type of color to use, which are the areas you are looking to cover and many other such crucial aspects should be sorted out in the beginning itself. These steps would definitely help a great deal in saving time and money. Note down any interesting ideas or themes that you may have in your mind so that you will b e able to disclose and explain it appropriately to your painting contractor.

Learn and understand the color terms

It is absolutely important for you to do some research and get yourself acquainted with the color terms and the technology behind it. The term hue in the painting circuit determines the colors and the value of the color are based upon how dark or light it is. Saturation is known to denote the dominancy of the hue and intensity of the color refers to the brightness of the color.

Traditional and contemporary paintings

Both traditional as well as contemporary painting designs are quite popular. As far as traditional painting is concerned, it involves tested and usual painting ideas and in the case of modern paintings, it brings in new approach and adds up lot of creative ideas to reach a completely new design level. If you want to add some contemporary look to your place then you can very well try out different paint finishes in your house and also for contrasting color combinations.

Some people also love the monochromatic color scheming which is about using different tint of light colored textures to bring in the elegant and calming outlook to your space. Overall, getting your house painted can be a complete delight, if you know and understand certain important concepts in this regard.


Painting Services That Look So Fresh Everyday

Painting brings to mind Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, Raja Ravi Varma; legendary artists who are household names all over the world. Painting is both an art and a craft, and as a craft, a professional painting service can transform your property from the mundane to the amazing.

The Colour of Your Home:

Expert painting services offer you an opportunity to see the future. A professional team will visit your home and take digital images during daylight hours and under artificial lights.

Your selected colours will be an input in the virtual image and you will be able to preview what your home will look like in its planned avatar. Selection of the colour is intrinsically linked to shades.

The colour blue will exist on the shade card of a reputed company but you will also find air force blue, aero blue, aquamarine, azure, alice blue, air superiority blue, azure mist and many more. The digital images of shades and hues on screen give you a real life feel.

Advisory Services:

The service will also include recommendations for the type of paint – oil bound distemper, emulsion or acrylic, the finish – smooth or matte, the need for application of a primer, the number of coats to be applied, the gloss level, the patterns and synthesis of colours across rooms, and the fusion of the wall colours with the colours of your drapes, and those selected for your door and window frames, window grills and other wooden and metallic surfaces.


At every stage of the consulting and discussion process, you will be kept apprised of the budgetary implications. A professional painting service will ensure that the coat is cut according to the cloth available. Your walls, ceilings, etc. will be measured by professionals, in your presence and a written quotation will be supplied. Painting services use only branded paints that are environmentally and eco-friendly bereft of hazardous odours and acidic content.

In Residence Painting:

Moving of furniture, knick-knacks, white goods, entertainment equipment, and duly covering them with thick plastic sheets to protect against damage while shifting and from dust and dripping paint will be a part of the contract.


Painting is a disturbance to a set life pattern and, therefore, speed in execution of the work is a critical factor. Top notch painting services deploy seasoned painters with mechanised tools that save nearly 40% of time when measured against conventional methodologies. You can get back to enjoying your comforts faster and, that too, in a brand new, picture-postcard-perfect home.


The services will be supervised by an experienced professional who will ensure that flaking, undulations, cracks, seepages, fungal growth, et al are duly attended.


The latest technology and tools will be deployed – a moisture meter for measuring water content in the surfaces prior to commencement of work, and a gloss meter to measure light reflection after painting.


The Important One If You Know About Painting Your House

No one can deny the fact that the painting material and the way it is done can make a whole lot of difference to the overall outlook and appeal of a place. Plenty of creative designs and ideas keep coming up every now and then and it is absolutely important for one to get the right kind of color tone that syncs with the whole place.
Here are few important things to keep in mind when it comes to painting your residence,


A building has several areas of surface that needs to be taken into account before starting on with the painting work. Right from internal and external surface, wooden, metal and other areas needs to be inspected well before starting the paining task. Each of the surfaces would need a completely different painting requirement and it is important to understand this to get the right result. This is a crucial step to follow to bring about proper link and compatibility between the different areas of the house by choosing over the right paint.

Selection of colors

This is one important step that could make or break the overall appearance of a house and hence adequate care needs to be taken. A color determines the mood and outlook of the space. You need to first understand your preferences before you choose over a color. Some people find yellow quite attractive and healing. You need to choose the color that you can associate with and has a positive impact on you.
If you want to experiment with colors and want to add a bold look then you can try out monochromatic color schemes that add a perfectly classy and royal look.

Be room-specific

Each part and each area of a house comes with specific mood. The color you choose should be appropriate with the specific area. Soft and neutral colors are appropriate for bedrooms as it is a place to unwind and relax. Your living room could be painted with bright and contrasting colors as it is a place to warm up and socialize. It needs to be understood that the color you choose has a direct impact on your thoughts and personality. Some bright colors can be overly simulative and can cause irritability so you need to watch for the best color that matches up with your taste. By keeping note of these important things, it is possible for one to make the right kind of painting decisions.